5 Major Renovations Your Property Could Benefit From

5 Major Renovations Your Property Could Benefit From

We all know what it’s like to visit someone else’s immaculately finished home, or even watch a renovation project on a TV show, and suddenly feel inspired to transform your own property. Whether you want to tailor the living space to suit your personal preferences, or you want to rent out your property for a higher price, you can usually add a lot of value to a property by undertaking these projects with care.

This is especially great if you live in a competitive and popular area where a unique and impressive property can fetch a tidy sum. Square Foot Solutions, a leading property refurbishment and building contractor in London, would be an excellent example of a professional firm who could help you with a major project like this in the UK’s ever-popular capital. We spoke to them about some of the most common renovation projects they work on to come up with the list below.

In fact, most of the major projects people tend to get fixated with or put off for a long time are among the ones we’ve listed which also tend to be the ones that have the biggest impact when you get them right. Regardless of your personal taste, one or more of these five steps might be among your considerations.

A new kitchen

It’s often been said that the kitchen is the heart of any home. This explains why the vast majority of buyers use it as the main deciding factor when comparing different properties, and it can instantly rule out anyone who isn’t sold on its potential. That’s why kitchen renovations can take a home from uninhabitable to luxurious practically single-handedly. You might choose to extend your kitchen, change the layout or style completely, or even move it somewhere else. It can be expensive, but you might make it all back with a decent profit if you can get it right.

A new bathroom

Sometimes a bathroom renovation can surprise you for worse or for better. It might be easier than you imagined to refresh the overall style, or it could turn into a huge job you didn’t budget for. The key is planning carefully, along with a great eye for design. A professional team will help with this if you’re lacking inspiration yourself. You probably spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day, so it’s definitely worth the investment and can really wow potential buyers.

Fixtures and fittings

Throughout the home, relatively small fixtures can have just as much impact as large ones. Changing the door handles or taps in all your rooms can completely change the look of your home and help everything flow neatly. Lighting can make a stunning difference to any room, especially if you’ve become accustomed to poor lighting before seeing what the right fitting can do for the rest of your interior design. Updating fixtures can fittings can be the most cost effective home design project.


Don’t forget about your floors when you’re focusing on everything at eye-level. New professional flooring can transform any room, whether it’s a luxurious carpet for a living room, a classic wooden floor for a hall or modern tiles in your bathroom. Don’t underestimate the value of getting these done by experts.

New accommodation

One of the biggest investments you can make in your home is to construct an entirely new section, maybe even independent of the main home. It’s becoming common for families to add a so-called “granny annex” to their homes, perhaps further down the garden, so you can have family members living self-sufficiently while still being part of the same home. Alternatively, depending on how separate you make this living space, you could rent it out to supplement your income which could more than cover the cost of the work itself.

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