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The Latest Trends In Luxury Home Design

The Latest Trends In Luxury Home Design

When people reach the stage of designing their own luxury homes, they usually intend to live in them forever. That means it’s arguably worth spending a little (or a lot) extra to make every detail perfect.

So with this in mind, what features are the wealthiest homeowners adding to their homes in 2017? Perhaps taking a look inside some of the country’s most extravagant and modern properties can give the rest of us some interior design inspiration.

High-tech entertainment lounges

The traditional games room was rare enough, perhaps with a few quirky features like a hidden pool table and extra-large TV. Luxury homes are now taking this concept several steps further and being fitted with much more advanced suites of entertainment technology. Everything needs to be connected and controlled remotely, of course, so you can stream any media you like through your built-in screens and sound system.

Moving laundry upstairs

This makes sense if you’re able to do it, since there’s no logic to having your washing machine and dryer downstairs if you have to carry clothes up and down the stairs to use them. This kind of investment makes life easier in the long run, so it’s a wise way to break tradition if you’re already creating your dream home from scratch.

Dedicated rooms for pets

If you’re designing your own home and adding luxury features for your family, perhaps it’s only fair to do the same for your pet? This is becoming an increasingly popular trend, with entire lounges being constructed (complete with furniture, washing and drying facilities) for cats, dogs and other lucky animals.

Multi-purpose pools

A high-tech feature reserved for those with the highest budgets for renovation, this impressive feature is being installed in the most cutting-edge luxury homes. For those times when having your own private swimming pool just isn’t the most convenient use of space (we’re sure you can relate), the floor of the pool can actually rise up and form a flat, solid floor for the entire space. The water is stored below the surface, and you can now host a party in your pool room. If that doesn’t impress your guests, we don’t know what will.…

How To Make Your Staircase A Selling Point

How To Make Your Staircase A Selling Point

As we all know, there are a few major factors that home buyers tend to take into account, and a few things that will probably strike them quickly when they view your house for the first time. In most homes, the staircase is one of these first things that people see when the front door opens, but it’s not always looked after or presented with this in mind.

The fact that your stairs are usually in the direct eyeline of any new potential buyer should be enough to encourage you to take action, if you realise your staircase is actually looking less than impressive. A few simple tips can make it stand out for all the right reasons.

For example, make sure you’re thinking of your stairs as an extension of your hallway. The flooring does not have to continue and be identical, but the stairs and floor should at least be complimentary. A tired carpet could be replaced if you want to make a more positive impression, but consider painted wood steps in white or a light shade with a darker carpet running up only the middle of the staircase. This creates the illusion of a slimmer staircase that dominates the hallway less and brightens up the whole space.

Hallway furniture and décor also go a long way towards smartening up your staircase, since as we said above one is an extension of the other. Strategic mirrors can reflect the light and create the illusion of more space. Classy furnishings with attractive ornaments and fresh flowers on display can make a big difference. Having said that, potential buyers will be trying to look deeper, so don’t try to cover up major problems with pretty distractions as this is unlikely to work.

If you’re looking to make more noticeable changes, you might consider replacing your entire bannister to really change the look of your hallway and stairs. A traditional wooden style is timeless, if it suits the rest of your interior design, but as a modern alternative you might opt for a sleek and sophisticated metal finish.…

Top Factors For London Property Buyers In 2017

Top Factors For London Property Buyers In 2017

Despite the fact that we live in a generally turbulent time and various international markets are far from stable, some areas show no signs of dramatically changing any time soon. The popularity of the London property market, for example, has every chance of remaining strong since investment in the capital is still seen as a safe bet.

Buyers are looking harder than ever, though, to get great value for money when they buy a London home. These buyers certainly have an idea of what they’re looking for, too. A few of the factors that mean the most to potential buyers in 2017 include the following.

Capitalising on London’s uniqueness

Some of what London has to offer is similar to what you might expect from other large cities around the world, but a few of its areas are more unique. These places are the ones with the most sought-after properties. Some of the capital’s traditional markets, designer shopping areas and historical areas simply can’t be matched anywhere else, so demand is high.

Better investment prospects

Most buyers would be crazy not to consider the future value of any property they’re considering. That’s where London is different to other UK cities, because it has by far the best chance of being developed, improved and invested in for many years to come. Many areas of the city are still up-and-coming with plenty of unused potential, but buyers are quickly catching on.

Infrastructure investment

Although much of the UK is still lagging behind the standards of many European cities when it comes to transport and infrastructure, London is catching up the quickest. Improved transport links with the rest of the city (and the rest of the country) mean that certain areas are suddenly becoming much more attractive to commuters.

Smart homes

London is increasingly offering more modern homes to property buyers, and newly built or refurbished properties are having more smart devices installed than ever before. All of this makes homes appear more modern, which is always a bonus, but these features can have a material impact on future costs and ease of living, so they can really add a lot of value.

Healthy lifestyles

Home design is increasingly taking into account people’s desires to live happier and healthier lives. Features that make properties more pleasant to live in are increasingly making an impact on the value of those properties. If you can show off the physical and emotional benefits someone might get from living in your property, you can make it more attractive. This is especially important in London where urban stress is high.…

Boost Your Property’s Value with a Conservatory or Orangery

Boost Your Property’s Value with a Conservatory or Orangery

If you wish you could add more value to your property relatively easily, in order to give yourself more peace of mind for the future or simply to enjoy your home more, you might consider constructing a conservatory or orangery. This can really enhance the attractiveness, functionality and value of your home.

Of course, you are never guaranteed a particular return when it comes to investing and adding value, but it’s worth considering that any high quality work is going to add value to your home, and if done right you could actually add significantly more to the price of your property than it actually cost to do the work.

You will need to consider a wide range of factors when planning this project, and you might feel like you don’t have a starting point, so to make things easier we’ve spoken to CJ Fullwood, specialists in bespoke orangeries and conservatories in Derby and Nottingham, to establish the key points you need to look at. These include:

  • Make sure you have the budget to do a good job. You will be looking at spending around £8,000 – £10,000 for a basic professional conservatory built to a high standard. This is the minimum level if you’re looking to actually boost the value of your home. For a luxury bespoke option you could be looking at anything from £15,000 to £30,000 or more. If it’s worth the investment, though, you won’t regret it.
  • If your garden is south facing, you are particularly likely to benefit from having a conservatory on your home, provided there are no large trees or buildings obscuring the sunlight.
  • If you have a small garden, you might want to reconsider a conservatory as these can take up a surprising amount of usable space (it’s not just about the space they physically take up, but access to the rest of the garden).
  • Usually the kitchen will be next to where your conservatory could be placed, and in this case it’s probably a great idea if you’re looking to extend that usable kitchen space. It can also be an ideal way to add a more relaxed lounge/seating area.
  • With cheaper conservatories, their construction tends to not have much in the way of insulation. This is only really a problem in winter, but in the UK especially you will really notice the difference, not just when you’re in the conservatory but also when you come to check your heating bill. Consider building the most substantial structure you can afford, with brick walls at least as a base.
  • The finishing touches and the way you present your finished conservatory or orangery will be what makes the real difference. Something unique and luxurious will have the best chance of capturing buyers’ attention and boosting the price you can get for your home when you come to sell.
4 Reasons To Live In A Home Before Renovating

4 Reasons To Live In A Home Before Renovating

When you decide to buy a new home, it’s a huge step and it can all get complicated quickly. In general we tend to want to get it all over with as fast as possible, but moving into a new property that isn’t at all personalised or familiar isn’t usually an appealing prospect. There may be aspects of the property that immediately strike you as things you’d rather change as quickly as possible, so it’s understandable that some people want to launch into DIY and getting builders in before they even think about moving all their possessions in and settling down.

However, you should probably rethink before taking this approach. There are various reasons you might regret flying straight into a renovation project without considering what actually needs doing further down the line and anything you may not have noticed initially. Here are the top reasons to wait rather than launching straight in.

1) You will probably have a change of heart. It happens to all of us, when we think we have committed to a decision but we end up thinking differently for whatever reason. It’s great to have ideas straight away, but until you’ve lived in a property you really can’t anticipate everything you will want to change, or keep the same.

Just because a certain aspect of your new home strikes you as different, it doesn’t mean you won’t adapt or even prefer this to what you had before. It will be a lot more costly to undergo renovations again to do more work or even undo what you initially decided to do.

2) Moving and renovating are too stressful to do at the same time. You don’t want the hassle of ongoing DIY work on top of the hassle you already have when it comes to moving home. Unexpected stress is never welcome, so wait until you are more settled.

3) You need to plan properly. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as the classic saying goes. You don’t need to rush, but you do need to make sure you have adequate plans in place before going ahead with major work in any situation, otherwise you are likely to face challenges you didn’t anticipate and probably struggle to deal with them.

4) Delaying means you can save. If you launch into renovation work now, you’ll have to rely on whatever money you have saved up. For many people who’ve just purchased a new home, it’s not an ideal time to start breaking into savings for other projects. If you wait and save up, you’ll have a more comfortable budget to work with and you’ll be able to get what you really want instead of just something basic that gets the job done faster.

5 Major Renovations Your Property Could Benefit From

5 Major Renovations Your Property Could Benefit From

We all know what it’s like to visit someone else’s immaculately finished home, or even watch a renovation project on a TV show, and suddenly feel inspired to transform your own property. Whether you want to tailor the living space to suit your personal preferences, or you want to rent out your property for a higher price, you can usually add a lot of value to a property by undertaking these projects with care.

This is especially great if you live in a competitive and popular area where a unique and impressive property can fetch a tidy sum. Square Foot Solutions, a leading property refurbishment and building contractor in London, would be an excellent example of a professional firm who could help you with a major project like this in the UK’s ever-popular capital. We spoke to them about some of the most common renovation projects they work on to come up with the list below.

In fact, most of the major projects people tend to get fixated with or put off for a long time are among the ones we’ve listed which also tend to be the ones that have the biggest impact when you get them right. Regardless of your personal taste, one or more of these five steps might be among your considerations.

A new kitchen

It’s often been said that the kitchen is the heart of any home. This explains why the vast majority of buyers use it as the main deciding factor when comparing different properties, and it can instantly rule out anyone who isn’t sold on its potential. That’s why kitchen renovations can take a home from uninhabitable to luxurious practically single-handedly. You might choose to extend your kitchen, change the layout or style completely, or even move it somewhere else. It can be expensive, but you might make it all back with a decent profit if you can get it right.…

Local Property Rental Guide: Loughborough

Local Property Rental Guide: Loughborough

There are many areas in the UK where renting has really taken off for a combination of reasons. Depending on the local attractions that draw people to a place, sometimes this can be the case, and it certainly applies in Loughborough. A small market town in Leicestershire, this hotspot is now most famous regionally for being home to one of the fastest growing universities in the country, plus its countless attractive features are really drawing in other renters too.

The university is definitely one of the major draws, and students make up a large section of the population now. Loughborough is ranked as the best university in the country at the moment in terms of student satisfaction, and as a result of this rapidly-improving reputation, the institution is continuing to attract high numbers of applicants each year. Of course, most are looking for student lets and accommodation to rent in and around Loughborough, so demand is definitely high as a result.

Other than the student population in the town, many more people are continuing to look for rental properties in this popular area. For a small market town, there’s a very vibrant atmosphere around Loughborough with plenty of historic traditions and attractions to observe. The large market in the centre is a prominent feature that’s an appealing part of everyday life here.…

TOP 5 cities to buy homes in England

TOP 5 cities to buy homes in England

Many home buyers prefer to buy property in England because it offers a broad range of impressive and attractive choices both in local and cities area. TOP 5 cities to buy home in England are such as London, Oxford, Liverpool, Cardiff and Bath.
londonThe leading famous place in United Kingdom as well as in the entire world is London. It offers remarkable destination, impressive monuments, and large building of prisons. It is abound of world class museums that include some of the best historical features which usually cover science, natural history, books, fine works, primitive features, and medieval weapons. England is abounding of many remarkable churches and cathedrals which is the major of western civilization for centuries. These cathedrals will surely sparks your imagination and catch your attention. There is also entertainment shopping particularly at the shops on Regent Street. London established an extraordinary new set of restaurants and provides a high class food from international places.

oxfordAnother city is the Oxford which famous for having beautiful and stately architect of Oxford University. The scenic ground of the Oxford University reminds the history of this famous institution. Visitors are also amaze in remarkable Christ Church Cathedral for its superb stained glass. The city of Oxford is another way to get in England’s best rural place of Costwolds. It is famous because of its rounded, notable hills, and gentle flow of streams. Oxford has also good and unique foods, amusing facilities such as shops and parks, beautiful villages and impressive scenery.

Bath UKCardiff has seen finance and business services employment growth of 4.4%, outstripping the rest of Wales and the UK as a whole. With businesses and investors finally seeing the benefits in cities other than London, it is no surprise that property in these areas is increasingly becoming more desirable




liverpoolLiverpool arrives in a nearby second on the table of the best places to put resources into property to accomplish high rental yields. Liverpool is experiencing a few recovery schemes focusing on Liverpool docks and lodging that upon consummation will just bring house costs up in the territory as it increments in attractive quality.


The Bath is internationally famous for its remarkable hot springs. Bath is one of the places that you will never forget because of its entertaining stop and it is perfect place to spend an afternoon. You can find the Pump Room where and your friends can drink tea especially in noontime. you have the opportunity to pick the best and perfect UK property investment. England is the best option for your investment for you can generate personal wealth by excellent and intelligent UK property investment.…

7 Reasons To Invest In Real Estate As Soon As Possible

7 Reasons To Invest In Real Estate As Soon As Possible


A significant portion of the individuals who succeed in real estate has the prescience or the capacity to foresee the patterns in real estate or even the advancements that will happen in a region. A few properties don’t appear like real cash producers however with specific changes in nature, movement designs, city occasions, and so forth they may end up being remarkable speculations. Obviously, there are dangers that should be taken, and you need to examine whether you can take the conceivable disappointments – sincerely and fiscally – that might be realized by these hazards.

townhouse 1. Lodging Values Appreciate – this is especially the case for territories where there is popularity for properties. Townhouses in cosmopolitan and exceedingly populated urban communities, for instance, can cost a lot, yet there it is far-fetched for these properties to deteriorate particularly on the off chance that they are all around kept up. In light of the continually developing world populace and the expanding populace thickness in urban areas, there will dependably be an interest in real estate. It’s your decision whether you need to be the one leading later on or on the off chance that it’s you leading valuable space.

2. Real Estate Investment offers great benefit – Investing in real estate is a demonstrated technique for expanding total assets and with a couple of cool headed choices can win you critical benefits.

3. Putting resources into Real Estate Involves Relatively Low Risk – this is valid if you have gotten your work done and put resources into significant properties. Naturally, you will require a lot of cash to get into this sort of business, yet at any rate, you know your cash is currently a substantial resource. You can even purchase property under a financing plan, so you don’t need to spend every one of your investment funds.

top-10-passive-income-ideas-20164. Real Estate can Provide Steady Income – If you have made a sound venture, you can recover your speculation from the wage that the property will produce in a moderately decent time frame. You have to reserve part of the income for redesigns and repairs, yet by and large, you ought to have the capacity to acquire significant cash from your speculation.

5. Income Can be Easily Worked Out – You can orchestrate your advances and financing so that the month to month salary produced from your properties can be more noteworthy than your obligation installments

6. Real Estate Depreciation Offers Tax Advantages – While your property’s estimation devalues in your book provoking lower charge payments, it doesn’t mean the property’s reasonably estimated worth has deteriorated.

7. Controlled Profits – There are numerous ways you can control the benefit you make fro provided estate property. One such occurrence is the point at which you enhance a house to raise its quality. You may buy properties in awful need of repairs and increase the house so you can exchange it or rent it out for good picks up.…

5 ways to find best accommodation for students

5 ways to find best accommodation for students

When it comes to choosing students accommodation in any institution, shared facilities would be the most economically feasible option. You will be able to easily find plenty of shared rooms for students, flats, and hostels close to reputed college or university campuses. However, you need to consider few factors when you choose accommodation facilities during your student life in order to keep away all sorts of hassles.

1. Accessibility from college campus

The most important factor to consider while choosing student accommodation facility is the convenience provided by the college or university campus. If you want a place far from college, you will face plenty of difficulties in the long run. During the initial days, you might not find it difficult to wake up early, travel a lot of miles, or to spend a few extra bucks. But in the long run, all these will take a toll on your life. You will not have adequate time to rest and will also mess up your monthly budgets. However, if you choose shared students home close to the college campus, you will be able to enjoy fantastic facilities at low rates and also reach the college quickly. You will also get more time to spend at the library and for getting assistance from your course guides.

2. Managing your budget

Money-ManagementWhen you move into a shared accommodation facility, you should first of all set a budget. This is crucial to enjoying your life better. There will be different types of services available at the shared accommodation facility. Not all of these would be included in your monthly rental agreement. To use certain services, you might have to pay extra bucks. Some of the services will be available with annual subscription options. Unless you need a service, do not pay for it. To identify your needs, setting a monthly budget and keeping track of your expenses will be of great help.

3. Your point of communication

You need to identify your point of contact when you move into a shared student accommodation facility. You might want to address your concerns to someone with authority during your stay in the place. Talking to the janitor or someone who is an employee in the facility might not do you much good. You should hence ask for the contact details of the person in charge, be it the landlord or a rental agent.

4. Option to change rooms

Not all shared accommodation facilities for students provide you with the option to change rooms. After staying with other students for a few days, if you find them annoying, you might not be able to move to a different room if your rental agreement restricts you from doing the same. To make things easy for, ensure that you are provided with the option to change the room if you find it necessary. Look for this option before placing your initials at the bottom of the rental agreement.

5. Your roommates

Every student is different from other and so are their needs and habits. So, make sure that you do not end up staying with roommates who may experience inconvenience with your habits.…