Boost Your Property’s Value with a Conservatory or Orangery

Boost Your Property’s Value with a Conservatory or Orangery

If you wish you could add more value to your property relatively easily, in order to give yourself more peace of mind for the future or simply to enjoy your home more, you might consider constructing a conservatory or orangery. This can really enhance the attractiveness, functionality and value of your home.

Of course, you are never guaranteed a particular return when it comes to investing and adding value, but it’s worth considering that any high quality work is going to add value to your home, and if done right you could actually add significantly more to the price of your property than it actually cost to do the work.

You will need to consider a wide range of factors when planning this project, and you might feel like you don’t have a starting point, so to make things easier we’ve spoken to CJ Fullwood, specialists in bespoke orangeries and conservatories in Derby and Nottingham, to establish the key points you need to look at. These include:

  • Make sure you have the budget to do a good job. You will be looking at spending around £8,000 – £10,000 for a basic professional conservatory built to a high standard. This is the minimum level if you’re looking to actually boost the value of your home. For a luxury bespoke option you could be looking at anything from £15,000 to £30,000 or more. If it’s worth the investment, though, you won’t regret it.
  • If your garden is south facing, you are particularly likely to benefit from having a conservatory on your home, provided there are no large trees or buildings obscuring the sunlight.
  • If you have a small garden, you might want to reconsider a conservatory as these can take up a surprising amount of usable space (it’s not just about the space they physically take up, but access to the rest of the garden).
  • Usually the kitchen will be next to where your conservatory could be placed, and in this case it’s probably a great idea if you’re looking to extend that usable kitchen space. It can also be an ideal way to add a more relaxed lounge/seating area.
  • With cheaper conservatories, their construction tends to not have much in the way of insulation. This is only really a problem in winter, but in the UK especially you will really notice the difference, not just when you’re in the conservatory but also when you come to check your heating bill. Consider building the most substantial structure you can afford, with brick walls at least as a base.
  • The finishing touches and the way you present your finished conservatory or orangery will be what makes the real difference. Something unique and luxurious will have the best chance of capturing buyers’ attention and boosting the price you can get for your home when you come to sell.

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