The Latest Trends In Luxury Home Design

The Latest Trends In Luxury Home Design

When people reach the stage of designing their own luxury homes, they usually intend to live in them forever. That means it’s arguably worth spending a little (or a lot) extra to make every detail perfect.

So with this in mind, what features are the wealthiest homeowners adding to their homes in 2017? Perhaps taking a look inside some of the country’s most extravagant and modern properties can give the rest of us some interior design inspiration.

High-tech entertainment lounges

The traditional games room was rare enough, perhaps with a few quirky features like a hidden pool table and extra-large TV. Luxury homes are now taking this concept several steps further and being fitted with much more advanced suites of entertainment technology. Everything needs to be connected and controlled remotely, of course, so you can stream any media you like through your built-in screens and sound system.

Moving laundry upstairs

This makes sense if you’re able to do it, since there’s no logic to having your washing machine and dryer downstairs if you have to carry clothes up and down the stairs to use them. This kind of investment makes life easier in the long run, so it’s a wise way to break tradition if you’re already creating your dream home from scratch.

Dedicated rooms for pets

If you’re designing your own home and adding luxury features for your family, perhaps it’s only fair to do the same for your pet? This is becoming an increasingly popular trend, with entire lounges being constructed (complete with furniture, washing and drying facilities) for cats, dogs and other lucky animals.

Multi-purpose pools

A high-tech feature reserved for those with the highest budgets for renovation, this impressive feature is being installed in the most cutting-edge luxury homes. For those times when having your own private swimming pool just isn’t the most convenient use of space (we’re sure you can relate), the floor of the pool can actually rise up and form a flat, solid floor for the entire space. The water is stored below the surface, and you can now host a party in your pool room. If that doesn’t impress your guests, we don’t know what will.

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