Local Property Rental Guide: Loughborough

Local Property Rental Guide: Loughborough

There are many areas in the UK where renting has really taken off for a combination of reasons. Depending on the local attractions that draw people to a place, sometimes this can be the case, and it certainly applies in Loughborough. A small market town in Leicestershire, this hotspot is now most famous regionally for being home to one of the fastest growing universities in the country, plus its countless attractive features are really drawing in other renters too.

The university is definitely one of the major draws, and students make up a large section of the population now. Loughborough is ranked as the best university in the country at the moment in terms of student satisfaction, and as a result of this rapidly-improving reputation, the institution is continuing to attract high numbers of applicants each year. Of course, most are looking for student lets and accommodation to rent in and around Loughborough, so demand is definitely high as a result.

Other than the student population in the town, many more people are continuing to look for rental properties in this popular area. For a small market town, there’s a very vibrant atmosphere around Loughborough with plenty of historic traditions and attractions to observe. The large market in the centre is a prominent feature that’s an appealing part of everyday life here.

There are many Victorian and Edwardian buildings available to renters in the town, plus a great mix of much more modern options, so whichever style you’re looking for you won’t have a problem looking in Loughborough. The same is true of the shops and restaurants in the area; not only will you find large supermarkets and corner shops within easy walking distance pretty much anywhere in the town, but there are also historical sights to appreciate including Charnwood Museum, Queens Park and an excellent 13th century parish church.

The location of the town itself is also one of the reasons it has remained popular for many years. There are excellent local transport links to Leicester, which is less than half an hour away by bus and usually less in a car. A similar distance in the opposite direction is Derby, so either city is just a comfortable commute away. The M1 is easy to access, as is East Midlands Airport, so overall you’ll feel very much connected to the rest of the region despite being in a charming small town. All these features make Loughborough one of the UK’s hottest spots for renters, and we don’t see this changing any time soon.

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